Business Phone Lines

We are able to provide your business with the best landline call rates available. You will significantly reduce the cost of your monthly phone bill by using our billing service. You'll enjoy the benefits of low cost telephone bills, no lock in contracts and no need to leave the reliable Telstra network. If you are still dealing with the big name providers directly, then you are definitely paying too much. We have reduced our customers bills by between 20% - 50% and can do the same for you!

No Contract Business Landline Phone Billing Service

By giving our customers the right to stray, we work extra hard to keep our operations efficient and our customer service standards high. You won't have to deal with the automated and frustrating big providers any longer. Instead, you'll be speaking to a small, local, trained and friendly team of experienced telecommunications experts.

We don't add in any hidden extras that other providers surprise you with, such as: charging in 30 or 60 second blocks (if you talk 31 secs you won't be charged for 60), late fees, paper bill fees, non direct debit fees, credit card fees or anything other than our up front line rental and call costs.

How much are you going to save?

See our latest business call rates below:


"Per second billing will reduce your call costs dramatically"

Local Call $0.12 untimed
National Call $0.08 per minute
Mobile Call $0.25 per minute
PSTN line rental: $29.00 per month
ISDN2 line rental: $68.00 (2 channels) p/m
ISDN10 line rental: $199 (10 channels) p/m

*All prices are excluding GST


All calls are charged in per second increments, so you only pay for the time you are talking instead of in 30 or 60 second blocks. There is also no flag fall charge on any outbound calls. These alone are responsible for the bulk of the excessive charges most providers hit their customers with on their bills.

You will be provided a statement each month to see what you have saved via email and can set up scheduled direct debit with either direct bank account or credit card, with no additional charges. Our customers are consistently impressed by the reductions that can be made by moving away from the mainstream carriers. If you would like to see how much you could save on your business phone lines, please contact us today.