ADSL2+ Line Connections

If you need to complete your ADSL2+ line installation from your Main Distribution Frame in order to get an active internet service, you will need to get an ACMA licensed telephone technician to jumper your existing cabling throughout the building to the new circuit, plus resolve any internal cabling issues that may exist.

You may or may not have some existing sockets in your house or apartment, but if you do then it can be a simple case of connecting it to the incoming pair which carries the DSL signal. Other times, they are in a state of disrepair and will need to be serviced. We can help you with any of the following:

  • ADSL2+ Phone Line Connections
  • Naked ADSL2+ Broadband Installation
  • Internet Fault Tests and Diagnosis
  • DSL Line Speed and Signal Checks
  • Modem/Router/Wifi Configurations
  • Central Filters and Splitters
  • Telephone Sockets and Points
  • Network and Data Cabling


If you live in an apartment, you will almost always be left with a half finished installation. Many ISP’s will only connect the line up until the MDF (which stands for ‘Main Distribution Frame’). After that, you’re on your own. There is usually an existing cabling infrastructure within apartment blocks, so you generally won’t need to run new cabling to the MDF, but there can be other intermediate junction boxes that need connecting, or more commonly called ‘jumpering’, on the path between your socket and the MDF.

In a free standing house however, the ISP will generally guarantee that the first socket will be connected by them, but only if there is no damage to the existing internal cabling. There may be multiple sockets or junction points in your internal cable runs – so without professional inspection, it can be hard to determine whether an incomplete install is the fault of the network provider (ISP) or your internal cabling.

Due to the regularity of this phenomenon, we have created a fast and reliable service that will get the final stage of your internet line connected and working for you. Whether it be your home or business – We don’t just get the phone line working, but we also stay to check the DSL synchronization, line speed and reliability of the connection. We can also configure your network settings if you aren’t confident with the technology. If you need fast service that is guaranteed, call us today.