People always wonder why their provider doesn't complete their new phone line installation all the way to the socket in their apartment. This is because the providers are not bound by law to terminate the service any further than the first network boundary point. This is typically determined as being the Main Distribution Frame (MDF).

Once this stage of the install has been done, there is little communication between the phone line provider and their customer, often leaving them in the dark.

An MDF is usually located in a switchboard room, either on its own or shared with the electrical mains room or cupboard. It is an area which is by law only to be accessed by licensed tradesmen as the services and equipment in there are private property.

In the MDF, there may be tens, hundreds or even thousands of lines and cables that run from the street outside, then carry on with internal cabling to each apartment, floor or building depending on the size of the property.

It can be quite a complex board of tangled wires and is often not kept in a clean or tidy state. To know how to connect a line to the network side of your phone point, you will need an ACMA licensed technician who can perform the task according to regulatory procedures and rules. It requires experience and must be done with care. If you need more information on this type of connection, please call 0406 611 538 and we will assist you in getting this up and running.