To change the time on modern Panasonic phone systems, You can usually do so via the handset, depending on which model you have. The minimum handset model is a KX-T7630, but there are many others that will do the same. The handset must be a 3 line LCD display handset but also must be enabled to access system programming.

This can be enabled/disabled via the handset or PC programming, but by default extension 101 will be enabled. You can check what extension you are using by pressing the 'INFO' key on the screen which toggles the time/date, extension number and time mode. To change time time on all handsets, follow these steps carefully:

  • Press 'PROG' (on left of LCD display)
  • Press * # followed by 1 2 3 4 (default password)
  • Press 000 (will display 'time & date') then 'ENTER'
  • Set time using directional keys and number pad
  • Press 'AUTO DIAL/STORE' key to save
  • When you're done, press EXIT or reset hand piece

Of course, this is a system programming feature and should be done with caution as if you access an area that you shouldn't then you could affect other features within the system. If you require service on your telephone system or need some advice, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you with your requirements.