Common problems with telephone lines

There are many reasons why a phone line can go faulty, especially with the degrading quality of the outdated Australian copper network infrastructure. The older the property is, the worse the situation is likely to be, especially if a high standard of workmanship was not performed when it was first installed. This often sets a premise […]

What is the best cable to install for your network?

Many people ask us what kind of cabling should be installed at their home or office. These days it pays to have a high speed network for transmitting data to and from your PC’s and other devices. In order to guarantee a good life span from your cabling installation, you should try to install the best […]

Top Phone System Features

All businesses with a fixed address need a telephone system. It’s hard to imagine walking into an office without hearing phones ringing. We all basically know how a phone works, but when a phone system with multiple lines and extensions is required, what features are beneficial? There is a significantly large list of features that […]

VoIP: good for small business?

If you own a business then in all honesty it can be both a benefit and a burden; therefore it should be carefully considered when selecting your phone lines. If you think that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is guaranteed to be cheaper, then I assure you that is not necessarily the case. You have […]

How to change the time on Panasonic phone systems

To change the time on modern Panasonic phone systems, You can usually do so via the handset, depending on which model you have. The minimum handset model is a KX-T7630, but there are many others that will do the same. The handset must be a 3 line LCD display handset but also must be enabled […]

Configuring your ADSL2+ modem

When you get your new telephone line connected in order to have an ADSL2+ or Naked DSL service in your home, there are settings in your modem that need to be configured so that the ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as TPG, Optus or Telstra can verify your account and allow internet traffic to be […]

Connecting a phone line to an MDF (Main Distribution Frame)

People always wonder why their provider doesn’t complete their new phone line installation all the way to the socket in their apartment. This is because the providers are not bound by law to terminate the service any further than the first network boundary point. This is typically determined as being the Main Distribution Frame (MDF). […]