Phone Services

If you need a telephone technician, this is the right place for you. We are out there every day installing, servicing and maintaining cabling and telephony hardware in both businesses and homes throughout Sydney. We offer a full range of telecommunications services no matter how big or small. From connecting a new phone line from your MDF (Main Distribution Frame) to installing a large telephone system, we have done it all. Some of our other services include:

  • Phone System Sales & Service - New, Used & Refurbished




  • Network Cabinet (Wall/Floor Mounted) & Patch Panels (19" rack)


  • Telephone System Installation & Relocations


  • MDF Line Jumpering, Test/Tag, Condition Reports


  • Moves, Additions, Changes - Cabling, Hardware, Programming


We will consult you about your specific requirements and suggest solutions tailor made to your needs. We have a wealth of knowledge to draw on in the communications industry and can get things working for you quickly - usually on the same or next day. If you have an urgent need for service, we can arrange emergency call outs anytime of day or night. Trust us to deliver and you'll be glad you chose the experts.