Data Cabling Services

As our customers will tell you, we are the experts in data communications - providing network cabling installations of the highest quality for great prices all over Sydney. The key to our success is our emphasis on installing cabling according to our customers needs and taking the time to develop a plan so that we don't leave anything out. We will install a data cabling network that will last and provide high speed data to flow through your network devices reliably all day, every day. Our experience in many various offices and domestic homes has given us a clear vision of how to deliver quality cabling solutions.

We insist on giving you a structured cabling system so that you don't need to worry about messy, unlabeled and unsightly data cables anymore. With the cabling that we install, you will be able to identify, arrange and relocate without fuss.

We install network cabinets to suit your needs, from small 4RU wall mounted cabinets right through to monster 45RU 1000mm deep cabinets. We connect patch panels with a great deal of detail and make them look like artwork. We locate our points in exact locations according to your needs and make sure all cabling pathways are neat, concealed and attractive.

We test every point and produce a report on each to ensure that they are transmitting data at their peak speed so you know that every computer or device will be transmitting at its best. By using the best tools, we produce the best results, and it shows.

If you would like to talk to us about your installation and maintenance needs, we can help you, no matter how big or small the job. Call us on 0406 611 538 or fill out an online form at our Contact Us page and we will get back to you at the time of your choice.