Small Business Solutions

Panasonic deliver a great small business solution in their phone systems, with a consistent and impressive array of options and features. Getting the right system for your business is an easy decision when it comes to Panasonic. Check out just a couple of our most popular models below:

Panasonic TDA30

  • Max phone lines: 12
  • Max extensions: 28 (48 with DXDP)
  • Voicemail: Optional 2 port SVM2
  • VoIP/SIP: Optional
  • Music on Hold: Yes
  • Door phone: Optional 4
  • ISDN: BRI/ISDN2 Only, No PRI
  • External Paging: Yes
  • SMDR: RS-232/USB Connectivity

Panasonic NCP500

  • Max PSTN lines: 12
  • Max ISDN: 2/10/30 (BRI/PRI)
  • Max extensions: 20
  • Voicemail: Built in 2 port
  • Auto Attendant: Built in 2 port
  • VoIP/SIP: Yes
  • Music on Hold: Yes
  • LAN ethernet port: Yes
  • Door phone: Optional 4

These systems are able to bring out the best in your business. They are extremely reliable, highly flexible and come with a 12 month warranty. We make sure that you have total comfort in your phone system and only recommend the best products. Panasonic telephone systems are market leaders and you can feel the difference. To compliment your new system, see a list of fantastic Panasonic phones.

We offer a full 24 month warranty on all the brand new telephone systems and associated hardware that we supply and install for our customers. The basis of our success with these systems is that we understand and explain the value of the each feature and how it can benefit your business. Building a reliable small office phone solution will pay dividends if you choose to invest in a comprehensive solution. Speak to us today about what features best suit your business.